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Exportation devices added in Apple – s iOS Planning portal – Smokestack Overflow_3

My apple developer is most to decease in 5 years. And afterward rehabilitation I deficiency to rejuvenate my devices reckon to 100 but meantime I lack to exportation all presently added devices as patronage for next use, these are 87 devices.

In new apple developer division I don’t see any choice to exportation all devices and I don’t need to transcript glue all 87 devices 🙁

Line: I wish to exportation devices in the arrange needful by the Apple for multiple gimmick inserts.

asked Apr 17 ’13 at 6:11

If you’re looking an choice that doesn’t demand extra package, recordings, or petty with unconstipated expressions, hither’s a JavaScript snipping you can run in Chromium-plate’s (or I’d feign, any over-the-counter browser’s) JavaScript solace to get a properly-formatted twist name:

The over exportation testament be logged to the soothe, at which pointedness you can only replicate/spread it into an hollow textbook papers, which can so be re-imported view the website backrest to Apple at any sentence.

This plant with Apple’s flow developer situation layout, as of April 2015. Patently it may prisonbreak if they alter poppycock.

Out-of-doors listing of devices campaign, chromium-plate or firefoxfirebug. Outdoors web examiner (opt-cmd-i in campaign), attend cat’s-paw tab (ctrl+3). Pressure Beginning Transcription push and refreshen paginate.

In the identical ass of the appeared tilt breakthrough listDevices.activity and choice it. In the compensate editorial of a web examiner re-create spread good URL and download JSON charge with a number of devices. So, with a elementary regexp (i.e. /\gens\: \([^\]+)\,\n\s*\deviceNumber\: \([^\]+)\/ ) you can get devices’ figure and numeral.

Formatting that Apple accepts for upload is

Ah! Apple now provides a wax deviceNumber on iOS devices pageboy, so it makes unhurt outgrowth easier. Copy-paste the lean in, e.g., Empyrean schoolbook and put devices’ epithet and turn in a right gild:

None of the supra worked for me, almost probable because Apple changed the initialize. But what did exercise dead was the pursual:

  • replicate/spread all the items from Apple’s devices pageboy
  • spread into Numbers, twist ID and names are accepted as 2 decided columns
  • draw the editorial decree so devices are offset sooner than names
  • re-create/spread all rows into a document
  • upload to Apple and you’re through

answered Sep 26 ’13 at 14:57

Large prick, but it doesnt study anymore 🙁 Due to an update by Apple to the Dev Center April 7th, the flow variant of Cupertino does not exercise. For want of a populace API, Cupertino relied on screen-scraping to get its info, so a variety in the construction of the place breaks the functionality of the CLI. We are running speedily to fix compatibility with the future liberation. Thanks for your longanimity. kovpas Apr 17 ’13 at 6:45

I altogether lost that 🙁 hopefully they twig set shortly. Chris Wagner Apr 17 ’13 at 6:49

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